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I Pay How Much in Taxes?!

Hey everybody!  Awhile back I did a post on my minimalist budget and today I want to follow up with the information on taxes.  I didn’t include this in my “number” because there really isn’t much that I can do to

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Frugal Flexing: Save $100+/year on Groceries Without Selling a Kidney


Hey everyone!  Today I’m going to show you how I save over $150 a year on a single grocery item.  And no, this doesn’t involve shoplifting or selling a kidney for a discount at Trader Joes.  It’ yogurt.  And not

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How I Could Eat Better Than A Restaurant CEO…


Hi everyone!  The St. Louis Post Dispatch recently published an article about the Panera’s CEO trying to eat on $4.50 per day as part of a SNAP Challenge.  I think this is a great challenge and that everyone should take

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