October Goals

Hey everybody!  Here is my success (and failure) on September goals as well as what I’m hoping to get done in October.

September Update:

  1. Save over 50% of my income.  WINNER!! For September, I was able to save 73% of my income.  That’s right, SEVENTY THREE percent.  It feels amazing to be starting my journey towards Financial Independence (FI).  Other notable events, I maxed out my Vanguard Roth IRA and the check for my Lending Club IRA went through, so I’m starting to play with that.
  2. Sell 2+ things on Craigslist/ebay.  FAIL.  I took pictures, but never got them posted.  I’ll try this again in an upcoming month.  Maybe near Christmas?
  3. Push-up challenge (30 every day).  FAIL.  I needed to do 900 push-ups throughout the month and only completed 260.  Pretty horrible and I don’t have a great excuse.  This one will have to wait until November to get put back on the to-do list.
  4. Follow an Atkins diet.  WINNER!  I started on September 3 and only had a couple cheats since then.  I’ll be posting soon about my tips for following a low-carb diet.
  5. Post at least 1 blog entry per week.  WINNER!  I posted a total of 9 times this month, pretty evenly spread out with a variety of topics covered.

October Goals:
Ok, October is going to be pretty crazy for me at work.  It’s our fiscal year-end, so I’ll be working late nights and weekend(s), depending on how much goes wrong.  Fingers crossed.  So if you think I’m being lame with my goals, please keep that in mind.

  1. Save over 70% of my income.  Hitting 73% in September tells me it is very possible to make this happen.  Especially since work will be covering a lot of my food expenses for 2 weeks in exchange for chaining my leg to my computer.  Fair trade, amiright?
  2. Continue to follow Atkins.  This will be more of a challenge this month, since I am a stress eater.  Hello, chocolate!  But, I was able to put in food orders that should keep me on track.  Now I just have to keep my snacks in check.
  3. Workout at least three times per week.  I HATE mornings and that is going to be the only time for me to get a workout in.  So, I bought a groupon to a spinning studio close to my apartment and I’m hoping that will be motivation.  As well as having to fess up in 30 days if I don’t make it happen.
  4. Plan an amazing birthday for my boyfriend.  It’s the big 3-0, so it needs to be epic sauce.  While not killing my budget.  Any ideas?


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2 comments on “October Goals
  1. Michelle says:

    70% savings is awesome. Good job!
    Michelle recently posted…My Weirdest Money Saving MomentsMy Profile

    • Niki says:

      Thanks! You’ll be glad to hear that I didn’t have to avoid washing dishes, unplug my clocks at night, or any of the other weird things you mentioned in your post last week. Some things are just a little too much.

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