Skinny Dipping isn’t the only free way to have a good time

Hey everybody!  If you’re like me, you want to be able to ENJOY life while saving money and believe that those are not mutually exclusive concepts.  So, I’ve put together a list of ways that I have fun for free, with a few awesomesauce links!

  1. Live music.  Check out your local scene for free shows.  Last weekend my friends and I met up at a park in town and brought some blankets to listen to a swing band and drink some wine (Three Buck Chuck, of course).

  2. Protest.  Or protest a protest.  Either way, it’s great people watching and a good way to get involved in the community and maybe even make some new friends.

  3. Exercise.  You could spend hundred of dollars on a gym membership (like my boyfriend), or you can just go for a run and do some bodyweight exercises.  Push-ups are hard.  Burpees are harder.  And if you think they’re not, you aren’t doing them right.  Also, get your friends to join you, it’ll keep everyone accountable and make it social!

  4. Free shows.  St. Louis is known for being a frugal-friendly city, but I’m sure if you look hard enough, you can find something in your city.  We have the Muny, which lets 1,500 of their closest friends sit in the nosebleeds for free.  Or, try second acting (sneaking in with the smokers after the intermission)…it’s both free and ups the adrenaline!

  5. Watch your local Judge Judy.  US Courts are open to the public except in rare instances.  Talk to the clerks, bailiffs, etc to find out what cases are the most interesting.

  6. Museums.  We have the art museum, history museum, science center, and even a zoo (it’s like a museum of art that you have to feed and clean up after) here in St. Louis.  Check out your local scene and see what you can score for $0.00 while gaining some culture.

  7. Reading.  Thanks to Al Gore inventing the Internet machine, there are plenty of free books at your fingertips!  There’s even a list of 42,000 free books available on  Also, get a library pass.  The books are free and the people watching is priceless!

  8. Brewery tour.  Again, STL is home to several breweries, so this is a no-brainer.  But usually even a smaller brewery will do free tours for guests.  And…free samples!!

  9. Volunteer.  Whether your heart bleeds for petschildrenhomelesswomen, or any other cause; being able to give back will fill up your free time and make you feel all tingly inside.  Also, I’d always recommend checking out this before giving money to any charity, as this video shows that your money may not buy what you think it is buying.

How do you spend your free time?  What would you add to the list?

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2 comments on “Skinny Dipping isn’t the only free way to have a good time
  1. David says:

    Sports leagues! I love ultimate frisbee, kickball, and sand volleyball. Truemans has a volleyball league that’s pretty legit, although you’ll likely spend a few dollars at the bar…

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