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November Goals

Hey everybody!  Better late than never, so here’s my goals update. October update: Save over 70% of my income.  PASS.  I thought this month would be easier considering my working hours, however, it was pretty close and I only made

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How Much Should I Save?

Hey everybody!  Today’s post is my answer to a question I see asked a lot by strangers on the internet machine.  What $ or % should I save each year/month/week?   Now, there are people that will give you a

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Keeping Your Money Under Your Mattress Makes for a Bad Night’s Sleep

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Hey everybody!  Hopefully by now you understand how important savings is to achieving financial independence.  If you still need convincing, I’d recommend checking out the following posts: Motley Fool - An Open Letter to Everyone Under Age 30 Mr. Money Moustache

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